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Which Stream/Course To Choose After Class 10

Have you reached that stage in your life where you just finished your class 10 and wondering what to do next?

Are people around you giving a lot of advice on various courses or streams to choose and you are totally confused on what to take up?

Then stop worrying and read this article to know which course/Stream is tailor-made for you.

Why is choosing a course/stream is important?

Choosing a stream after 10th class is truly important as this will be the foundation for your career.

Whatever your dreams may be, this might be the start of it. A Strong foundation can build a strong career. So you need to choose a stream that suits your interest and Skills.

With a wide range of options available for you, it’s obvious that you might get into confusion about what to choose.

How to choose the right stream?

So the answer to this question is within yourself. The most important requirement that you need when choosing your career is to have a passion.

What is that you love to be, what is that you want to chase after and what is that you dream about every day? That is passion. 

If you already have one that is perfectly planned, then you are good to go.

If not, no worries. There’s still tons of time to figure out the one that you are best at. Go out there and explore because there’s something in store for all of us in this world.

You can even check out Tuted’s website for different workshops or courses which might take you to a whole new dimension and who knows this might be your start for a stunning career.

Now let’s dive into the sea of opportunities that you have once you complete class 10th.

List of courses to choose after class 10

There are four categories of streams to choose after class 10 that you can opt once you complete your 10th board exams namely. 

  1. Class 11 and 12 or Pre-university Course.
  2. ITI courses
  3. Diploma in Engineering Courses 
  4. Certification courses.

All the four categories mentioned above have an immense amount of importance in their respective industries, So please do choose the one that serves your dreams.

1. CLASS 11 AND 12

This is by far the most popular course in India. A large Proportion of Students choose this stream because there is an ocean of career opportunities for Students in this Category. This is a complete two year course which builds up the foundation for your professional learning in the future. 

Again there are three divisions in this stream 


Science stream after class 10

The Science stream is the most preferred section chosen by Students. If you have dreams of becoming an Engineer or a doctor or a scientist or an IT professional or would love to be in the field of science, then this is for you.  

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, or commonly called PCM  are the core subjects of this course and along with this you can choose one other course that again narrows down your career option such as Biology, Computer science, Electronics, or much more.  

Numerous Students take up this Subject without prior Knowledge of what they are going to face and then Struggle. Hence analyze yourself on how good you are with PCM and how much you love them.

The two years that you are going to spend should be fruitful to you and that can happen only if you love these Subjects. There are tons of career options to choose once you complete your class 12 and also choosing this stream will enable you to write competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, CET, and more. 

If you are a person who loves PCM and want to start your career as the above mentioned options, then this is made for you.


commerce stream after classs 10

Commerce is a stream that mainly deals with Trade and Business. If you want to start your career in any business field or if you want to start your career as an entrepreneur ,then choose this stream. Just like Science stream, you would need to have an immense amount of interest in various Business topics.

There are three mandatory subjects in this stream namely Economics, Business studies, and accountancy. The fourth subject will be optional. Students who want to pursue BBA, B.COM, BBM, or PG programs such as MBA and more can choose this course to build a strong foundation in this field.

The myth that the Commerce field is easier than other streams should be noted because you would want an immense interest and love towards the above-mentioned subjects.

Choose commerce if you love to be a part of the business world or if you want to start your own.


Arts stream after class 10

This is the third and final stream available in the class 11-12 category and also the least preferred category by students. But the misconception that this stream isn’t fruitful for a financially stable career should change. Just like any other stream, even arts has a good amount of career opportunities for Students.

English, History, Geography, political science, sociology are some of the Subjects available in this stream. As I said before, there are tons of career opportunities and you also have the option of studying further. Journalism, law, Archeologists, Government employee, Diplomat are some career opportunities.

If you want to learn exciting and unique Subjects after class 10 and want to make a career out of it, then this stream is waiting for you.

2. ITI Courses

ITI course after class 10

  Industrial training institute courses aim at providing easy employment to the students. ITI courses have a varied duration from 6 months to as long as 4 years. ITI courses are specifically designed for technical and non-technical fields.

Engineering courses revolve around technical skills. The specialty of ITI courses are that there are courses for class 8,10 and 12 pass outs. The advantage of joining an ITI course is that you would not want to study a normal 3-year degree course and yet land in a good job.

Mechanic, carpentry world, Hair and skincare, Radio, and TV engineering are some of the Job opportunities available for ITI candidates.

3. Diploma in Engineering

Diploma after class 10

 A diploma in engineering focuses on the technical aspects of Engineering and helps students to build a foundation.

Students who have passed out of 10th or 12th and want to pursue engineering can take up this course.

Diploma in engineering will give students an overview of an engineering syllabus which makes it easier for students to grasp the technical aspects of Engineering. Students who have completed their Diploma can directly enroll in the second year of B.Tech rather than the first year which is an added advantage. 

Diploma in Automobile, Computer science, Electronics, Mechanical engineering are some of the divisions.

All in all, If you are serious about Engineering and having second thoughts about class 11-12 then this is perfect for you.

4. Certification Courses

Certification course after class 10

There are many drop-outs from college or school level who have reached great heights in their life. All because of the hard-work that they have put into their passion.

There are numerous certification courses out there in the internet world that you can enroll into. 

Udemy,coursera, upgrad are some of the online platforms where you can take up courses and upskill your career.

Even at Tuted, we Provide Skill improving courses such as Coding, Data Science, Advanced excel, Digital Marketing(Create your own blog) and much more, all for your goodness.


Whatever the stream/course that you choose, be sure that you are choosing the one that you actually love about. Passion is all that you need and you’ll be on your way to success. 

If you are still struggling to pick out one, then get in touch with TUTED and we’ll provide you a free career guidance session. 

So find your Passion and get started with a new chapter in your Life!

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