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Top 5 preparation strategies to crack IIT-JEE exam

Joint Entrance Examination(JEE), One of the world’s toughest and most valuable exam is an Entrance examination offered by the National Testing Agency(NTA) for students across the country to offer admission for Btech, BArch and BPlan in IIT’s, NIT’s and other Reputed colleges around the country.

JEE exam is divided into 2 categories which are JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students who qualify from JEE mains can appear to JEE advance examination and then join into IIT’s. 

This exam is conducted at two intervals in a year, where one takes place in January and the second one takes place in April. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, JEE mains April has been postponed to a future date. 

According to the statistics, Around 929,198 students appeared for the JEE mains 2019 examination.

These numbers show us how competitive this exam can be and how important it is to have a preparation strategy to crack the JEE exams. 

Now let’s look at an overview of the exam pattern because before preparing any strategy understanding the weightage and the pattern that the exam follows is clearly very important to prepare a fruitful strategy.

Exam pattern

Features Rules 
Mode of examination Online and Offline
Duration3 hours
Type of QuestionsMultiple choice questions
MarksPaper 1 – 300 marks
Paper 2 – 400 marks
Paper 3 – 500 marks
Number of sections3
Subjects Physics,chemistry,mathematics,Drawing(BArch),Aptitude,
Planning based questions(BPlan)
Marking schemeRight answer – (+4)
Wrong answer – (-1)
Top 5 preparation strategies

1. Start off Early

This would be the first point to look after. This exam needs a good amount of preparation to be done beforehand hence starting off the preparation early would be very much helpful to all the aspirants who wish to crack the JEE exam. 

Class 11 would be an ideal time to start your preparation as you will be having a  good amount of free time wherein you can use this time to cover major topics in the syllabus. 

This will also help you to have a confident mind as you have finished major topics and can hence also focus on your class 12 board exams as well. 

As the proverb goes “ A stitch in time saves nine”, preparing early will help you in the run against the JEE exam and your class 12 exams Peacefully.

2. Segregate the topics

IIT-JEE exam syllabus has different sections depending on what category you are appearing for I.E Btech, BE, BArch, BPlan.

The sections are basically topics that are mentioned in the above table such as Physics, Maths, Aptitude, and more. So, analyze these topics and segregate the topics according to how good you are with these. 

Segregate the topics as easy, moderate, and difficult and start spending more time in preparing for the difficult topics. That way, you will be utilizing your time in the most efficient way possible.

3. Attend online mock tests

This is one of the most important strategies that you would need to follow while preparing for your JEE mains. This point helps you in helping you follow strategy 2 that we were speaking of.

Attending online mock tests will help you understand how well you are preparing and what are the sections that you would need to focus more. 

There are hundreds of online mock tests available, so choose the one that properly serves your needs and keep on writing as many mock tests as possible to enhance yourself. This will also help you to build a confident mind before the exams.

4. Revise

Don’t stop once you cover all the topics, keep on going back and back and be the best in all the sections possible.

Keep on revising these sections because again this will make you more confident and the chances of you cracking the exam will surely increase when you revise it again and again. 

Preparing consistently is one of the key things to be noted in your Journey for the preparation of this exam.

5. Take a break

Taking wise breaks during your preparation is as important as working hard. No matter how many hours you prepare on a daily basis, Please do not forget to take a small break after every 1 or 2 hours.

Once in a while, give yourself daybreak and do something that you love or go out with your family or friends because having a calm and composed mindset is very crucial for this exam. Hence break the heat whenever it is possible.


Chart out all these preparation strategies in your mind, prepare well, and crack this exam in a way that you had imagined it to.

If you are finding it difficult, then get in touch with Tuted which offers you a complete IIT-JEE Course to crack the exam.

Please don’t take a toll on your mental and physical health in the name of preparation. Having a healthy body and sound mind is equally important as much as your preparation strategy. 

So here’s wishing you all the best in your Journey that you are going to embark on.

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