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Stock-Market Course Outline

  • A corporation
  • Fundraising to do business
  • IPO
  • Institutions or public buys primary market
  • Secondary market trades
  • Buying a stock means buying a business
  • Is it a casino?
  • General public perception
  • Tip seeking mentality
  • Investing is hard
  • Trust nobody
  • Conflict of interest
  • Demand and supply
  • Big buy volumes, institutional buy
  • Buy low and sell high vs Buying high and selling higher
  • Relative valuation, ratio analysis like p/e
  • Return ratios (RoCE, RoE)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Growth companies, defensive companies
  • Time and price arbitrage
  • Price volume action
  • Moving averages
  • Oscillators
  • Do you need the fancier stuff?
    • Stock Stage Analysis
    • Information asymmetry to retail
    • Follow what the big guys and promoters are doing
    • Sectors in vogue and identifying hot companies
    • Buying the leader vs laggards
    • Sales growth – volume growth vs realization growth
    • Cost cutting?
    • Margin expansion
    • Operating leverage
    • Cash flow
    • Working capital and quality of earnings
    • Possible undervaluations
    • What’s not hot?
    • Turnarounds are difficult to identify correctly
    • You can never exactly get the bottom right
    • You have a great outlook on the business
    • Earnings are up
    • Catalyst & Structural changes
    • MOAT investing
    • CANSLIM investing
    • Identifying Promoter and institutional buying
    • Chart patterns (Base, Cup and handle, Flag etc)
    • Price-volume action
    • Trend reversals
  • Cutting your losses
  • Chart patterns
  • Trend breakdowns
  • Earnings growth slowdown
  • Realisation decrease
  • Red flags to keep a note of
  • Information asymmetry leads to promoter unethical behaviour
  • Promoter enriches by painting a rosy picture
  • Fund siphoning
  • Cash flow vs P&L
  • Buybacks
  • Open offers
  • De-mergers
  • M&A
  • Lack of strong regulator
  • Unethical Promoter behaviour
  • Growth economy
  • Growth stocks
  • Non efficient market
  • Moves are exaggerated on either side – Extreme optimism vs extreme pessimism
  • Human Behavioural biases
  • Diversification and Diworsification
  • Across sectors
  • Concentrated portfolio

Stock Market Investment (Technical Approach) - 2 months

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