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How To Effectively Revise For Any Competitive Exam

Preparing for exams might be a daunting task for many of us unless we do have a proper plan. But facing an exam is obviously an unavoidable task. Each one of us faces such examinations in our lives. 

Here we are not just speaking about traditional exams, it can be any sort of test or assessment that requires you to qualify.

Revising is a very crucial step in your preparation Journey. Revising defines the hard work that you had put in for all those days. So proper planning for revising is also very much important.

Here we list down 7 crucial tips to Revise Effectively for any competitive exam by Tuted

1. Start Off Early

As the proverb goes “A stitch in time saves nine”, it is truly important to start your preparation and also your revision early. The more early you start, the better the outcomes will be.

Try to complete out all your portions as soon as possible and start your revisions early. Starting it out early helps you to do a good number of revisions which in turn will help you have strong confidence while facing the exams.

2. Schedule Your Day

Before starting your preparations and revisions for the day, the first step should be planning out your day.

Divide your day into a number of parts based on the time that you would spend revising every subject. For example, let’s say that you are a bit slow when it comes to mathematics, then give mathematics more time when compared to other subjects. 

And one more tip that we would suggest is that try studying different subjects in a day. Do not spend your entire day on just one subject. Doing this will help you to reduce the feeling of boredom and concentrate better.

3. Practice Until You Hit The Bulls Eye

Revising is important to keep a tab on how well you have prepared. As we earlier said the more revisions you do, the better your outcomes would be. So practise, Practise, practise until you know that you are going to hit the Bullseye.

There is no particular number of times that you would need to revise. But when you know that a particular topic or subject is a cup of coffee for you, then you are good to go.

It doesn’t matter for how long you study, what matters is how well you have understood whatever that you studied.

4. Test Yourself

After every revision that you complete, test yourself. Test yourself on how well you have studied, how well you have grasped that particular topic.

This will help you to build an understanding of the yield from the revisions that you have did. This will tell you whether to do more revisions on that particular topic or to move on to other topics.

Hence test yourself regularly to keep a tab on how well your revisions are.

5. Eat Healthy And Excercise

Yes, this tip is very much important because having a sound mind and a healthy body is required during your preparations. Try to be healthy especially during your exam time and don’t get sick.

Most importantly do exercises such as meditation and more. This will help you to have a calm and composed mind during your examination. Meditating also helps you to concentrate better.

Hence Exercises such as these must be done especially during your exam time.

6. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Develop the habit of sleeping early and waking up early to revise. Proper sleep helps you to concentrate on your revisions and the exams as well. A proper sleep which is around 7- 8 hours is advisable.

Try not to study late nights unless it is necessary or if you are a night owl. Early mornings are a great time to start off your revisions, so please do try to start off early in the morning.

So have a good night’s sleep during your exams.

7. Take Breaks

Studying for hours and hours might help you in your results but will surely drain the battery out of you.

Hence taking breaks is crucial to have a sound mind and to concentrate better. These breaks can be anywhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes based on how occasionally you would want to take a break.

If you are planning to take a break after every 40 minutes then your break time can be of 10-15 minutes.

Schedule out your break in such a way that it calms your mind for a bit and not deviates you from your Studies.


With this, we would want to tell you that revising can be of high importance unless you have prepared it beforehand. So first prepare the topics thoroughly and then start your revisions. 

And follow the tips that we have mentioned above and we are sure that you are going to crack the test/exam Successfully.

All the best!.

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