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How Data Science is changing the food industry?

Hospitality industry is very wide and Data science has many applications which benefits the Hospitality industry including Travel and Tourism, Lodging, Outdoor and recreation. It’s helping the Food and Beverage industry to expand and reach more customers in an effective and efficient manner. There is rapid increase in Food and Beverage services around the world whether it is to deliver to end customer or to get the end customer to dine-in restaurant. From understanding what customers need to create products satisfying customers to targeting customers to advertising to the targeted market to increase packaging efficiency to forecasting orders to deliver the product in-time to the customers, data science is the way to go.

New emerging trends in food and beverage industry

Increase in the concept of QSR i.e., Quick Serving Restaurants is also facilitating the use of Data Science in the Industry. There are many companies in India using Data Science to grow further including, Zomato, Dominos, Faasos and many more. QSR’s basically use Data Science to forecast the orders which helps in Inventory management, Waste management, packaging efficiency and much more.

These are just the example of Data Science helping in operations of the Business but it doesn’t stop their. It also helps in advertising to the customer on the right time to increase their number of orders. In short, we can say that Data Science is facilitating in the growth of Food and Beverage industry. Look at the figure below to understand the areas impacted by Data Science.

The applications of Data Science in ever-growing Food Industry.
Applications of Data Science in Food and Beverage Industry

With having so many applications in the Food and Beverage industry Data Science is booming. This is a great opportunity for youngsters to train and shape their future in the field of Data Science. TutEd enables you to learn Data Science from class 8th our courses are designed in a way that when you pass 12th you will be ready to internship in the industry and shape your future while facilitating your growth.

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