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Emerging job profiles with Data Science

Data Science is an emerging field in today’s world of digitization and at the same time it is creating more jobs than ever expected. In this article you will understand the basics of these job profiles by understanding the lifecycle of Data Science.

Life cycle of Data Science, starting from Data mining to useful in the business.

Starting from Business at the top and ending at Data Visualization, there are many jobs which are enabled by this cycle.


At this stage the understanding of the challenges faced by business comes into light, and define objectives for the problem to be tackled. In many companies there is a profile for this which is Business Analyst.

Data Mining

At this stage, the data is gathered and scraped from huge pool of data and which is relevant for the problem or project. Which further creates the Job of Data Mining specialist in the industry.

Data Cleaning

This is the stage which deals with the inconsistencies within the data and handle the missing values leading to job profile of Data Cleaning.

Data Exploration

In this step hypothesis about the defined problem is created with the help of visually analysing the data which is another task of data analyst.


This step deals with selecting the important features of data helpful in solving the problem and construct more meaningful information from the raw data increasing the jobs of Data engineer.


This stage is all about creating and training Machine Learning models and evaluating their performance ultimately use them to make future predictions. This ultimately increases the jobs of Machine Learning engineers.

Data Visualization

This is the final stage where the findings of the Data Science process are communicated to relevant decision makers and stake holders by using plots and interactive visualisations further increasing the jobs of Business analyst.

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