"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine"

~ Peter Sondergaard
(Gartner Research)

Weekend Batches

Suitable for Students/Professionals

Weekly 4 hours of classes

Saturday & Sunday *

Affordable pricing

Basic and Advance courses available

Data Science is one of the in-demand and best suited professions to thrive this century . It is a solid career choice for aspiring professionals of any educational background with an analytic frame of mind. The data science pipeline will make you ask right kind of questions to making inferences and publish result thereby making a progress in your career

Few of our trainers:

Niten Singh

7 years of experience in advance analytics
Alumn: IIT-Kgp, IIM Calcutta

Puneet Vashisth

5 years of experience in advance analytics
Alumn: IIT-Kgp, IIM Calcutta

Ayelita Roy

4 years of experience in data analytics
Alumn: University of Sheffield, UK

Certified course on statistical approach to data science - Basic

You'll get:

  • Conceptual and practical knowledge about data science
  • Tools that data analysts and data scientists work with
  • minimum 16 hours for data science training from experts
  • Warm up your fingers as you will become eager to start exploring your data to apply real-time

*Dates are Tentative and will be dependent of batches

Course Outline

  • Student onboarding
  • Course Overview
  • Discussion on what to avaoid and what towera on the day
  • Types of variables in Python
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Regex
  • Type Casting
  • Mean Median Mode
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Normal Distribution
  • Liner Regression Application
  • Basic Mathematics behind linear Regression
    • Data Preparation
    • Model creation
    • Data Fitting
    • Model Validation
    • Diagnostic plots
    • Classification Techniques Introduction
  • Introduction to Decision Tree
  • Mathematics behind Decision Tree
  • Data Preparation for Decision Tree
  • Model Fitting
  • Inference from output
  • Model Tuning
  • Introduction to other Classification techniiques
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