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Creativity is a muscle and Scratch is a way to develop it.

The use of Human Imagination is a valuable tool in development of the mankind as whole. When we vision something new and create it that’s our creativity. From every great invention to every innovation to advances in management to bringing new services in the world to solve problems, at an early phase everything requires imagination and creativity. A famous American Poet said that “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have”. Just like when you train a muscle, it expands further and grows bit by bit. Same goes with Logical reasoning, math, data Interpretation and creativity. Consider them as a muscle in your mind the more you train it the more it grows.

Developing creativity

There are many ways to develop creativity including fun indoor and outdoor activities, like playing games, role playing etc. Today I am focusing on the following activities mentioned in the figure below.

This shows the various things which improves creativity among kids from learning Scratch.

Scratch is an open-source programming language which is designed especially for kids from age 8 – 16. This uses Drag and Drop user interface to create a lot of fun content. Helps children to learn with the community. Kids can make their own games, art, use music in them, create stories in their own way and have a lot of fun doing so. This is not just about your kids having fun, but about the potential of their growth. Scratch is an easy to learn tool for programming and it facilitates in increasing Logical reasoning, decision making abilities, Imagination and Creativity among kids. Enabling them to create their own original content or for starters making their own version of existing content shared by the ever-growing community.

We at TutEd facilitates children in learning Scratch and developing their mind along the way. It’s not just about creativity and imagination, we have designed our course in such a way that it focuses on the developing and training their mind from young age.

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