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Coding Bootcamp - Python

Learning a coding language has become a necessary skill-set in modern days, here in TutED we will provide you all the instruments necessary to
make you a successful coder. In this course we will be covering basics of coding and algorithms. Discussion on various aspect of coding will be done throughout the classes. Topics like library introduction, functions, variable definition etc will be covered as well.

This is open for all category and students from engineering background and schools can participate

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Python Course Outline & Pricing

Take your career to next level with accomplished subject matter experts, working on to solve critical business problems using AI

  • Student onboarding
  • Course Overview
  • Downloading Python
  • Installation
  • IDE introduction
  • Download IDE
  • Installation IDE
  • Configure IDE with Python
  • Command Line/Terminal Introduction
  • Basic commands on terminal
  • Running .py file
  • Types of variables in Python
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Regex
  • Type Casting
  • Mathematical
  • Comparison
  • Value Assignment
  • List introduction
  • List Appending
  • Tuples
  • Basic operations in tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Basic operations in dictionary 
    • Library introduction
    • Library installation
    • PIP introduction
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Break/Continue statements
  • if/Else condition
  • AND/OR conditions
  • Looping through various data structures.
    • Project based on Instructor’s choice
    • chdir()
    • makedirs()
    • getdir()
    • listdir()
    • Open text file
    • Read through text file
    • Writing on file using python
    • CSV file handling
  • Project given by Instructor on csv handling  
  • Read/Write/Filter & Print in CSV file
  • Definition
  • Arguments
  • Return
  • Function calling
  • DDL Commands
  • DQL Commands 
  • DML Commands
  • Basic statistics
  • Data Cleaning
  • Linear Model Assumptions
  • Creating Linear Regression Model
  • Model Efficiency
  • Diagnostic plots
  • Project Submission and Discussion on Face recognition


Suitable for data analysts / data scientists
  • Live Classes
  • Monthly Tests
  • Expert Mentor
  • Recorded Sessions
  • 1 Industry Project
  • 4 Hours per week
  • Completion Certificate