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LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System.

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So, Learning Management System is a software for :

– firstly, the management,

– documentation,

– then, tracking,

– noting,

– automation and

– delivery of academic courses,

– activity programs,

– finally, learning and improvement programs.

Get your LMS free*!

We are happy to inform you that TutEd is providing a free* platform LMS i.e. learning management system to the tutors and educators.

Where they share their wisdom of knowledge to the students by creating their

  • online courses,
  • assignments,
  • quizzes for their students
  • without any cost

It is a virtual/online learning platform for the students, where more than 200+ educators around India are teaching on it.

And finally, students are having a seamless experience for their education.

They are also getting

– doubt solving,

– one on one mentoring,

– counselling and

– guidance from their favourite tutors.

What is LMS?

The Learning Management System differs on the company’s objectives, online training method, and needed outcomes.

Yet, the most widespread use of the learning software is to place and trace online training drives and students progress.

Generally, the materials that are easily accessible for remote learners on the Learning Management System.

And they can study on their own time and pace without disturbing the schedule.

What does LMS do?

The main goal should be that you can skillfully provide course content to the students.

Hence, it is necessary to get an LMS that creates course as modest and obvious as possible.

How does it work?

In brief, a learning management system can be understood as huge storage that permits users to store and search for information at one place.

A user with a secure login id and password can use the system and its learning resources.

However, if the system is self-hosted, the user must install the software on their devices.

Moreover, a continuous feedback mechanism ensures

that the system keeps to solving the problems and

stay relevant for the tutors and the students – the future of the world.

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