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AI is converting traditional work methods

Artificial Intelligence – a way to create or mimic human intelligence into machines. It is allowing humans to get away from the dangerous jobs we have been doing from a long time. We are trying to create intelligence like humans but AI is a lot faster than us, and can do task without getting tired. AI is easing the way we live life, whether it comes to our day to day using smartphones, the production line up of a big manufacturing company, or even the receptionist at the 5-star hotel. But we are here to talk about how AI is changing traditional work methods.

AI examples

Let’s take an easy example of a chat support, on various applications and websites for providing help or support to the users via chat. AI has enabled them to reduce the workforce required to provide the support with the help of chat bots. Here are some of the very common examples of companies using chat bots, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. WhatsApp has also allowed small businesses to use chat bot features to grow their business.

There are many different types of AI based on the capabilities and based on functionalities. All of them are changing traditional work methods. AI has huge potential in the real-world applications, look at the figure below to see some of the places where AI is bringing drastic changes.

Showing the applications of Artificial Intelligence in different business.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Let me take you to another example from AI enabled robots, there is a robot named ‘PEPPER’ developed by Soft Bank robotics. It is one of the world’s first social humanoid robot. Along side looking like a child, it is enabled to recognise voices and basic human emotions, it can tell if you are sad or happy. Pepper has already been adopted by many companies around the world whether in retail, or in a hotel. Pepper has numerous functionalities like attracting more customers, stimulating purchases, and helps in retaining customers.

AI has just started to change traditional work methods. We should be ready to deal with this change and move towards new methods. Here at TutEd we facilitate you to move towards the brighter future.

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