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Uniquely built as per current pattern

Live Classes

Classes hosted in our smart classrooms


Algorithms analyzing student's behavior in class

On Track

Recommendation based on student's behavior in class

Why should you choose us?

Along with quality and affordability Tuted brings state of the art technology to help you with your learning rate, without dismantling a competitive environment


Specifically designed curriculum to meet your needs

At tuted we uniquely create content based on the current syllabus by analyzing the trends of the current question pattern. We stress on the components that are vital in clearing the entrance exams. We always focus on conceptual clarity

Live Classes

Online live classes in our smart classroom

Our classrooms are enabled with video conferencing that helps student interaction with educators in real-time. During live classes students can ask doubts and raise questions that gets addressed instantaneously.


Keeping tabs on progress of our students

We record each session to carefully monitor the responsiveness and behavior of students in our classrooms using video analytics and algorithms. We run algorithms on those recordings and extract key behavioral parameters to suggest next best action items

On Track

A Recommendation of assignments to enhance learning rate

No student should be left behind. So, after analyzing the progress of the students, we predict the learning rate of each individual and provide next set of action items accordingly. This helps us suggest concepts and assignments to students who have their own learning rate

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Premium Faculties

As a company we focus on providing quality from high achievers




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Meet our team

A group of highly focused individual who are working together to make an impact on education system in India

Niten Singh, IIM Calcutta(PGDBA) teaching Quantitative & Verbal

Niten Singh

IIM Calcutta
Founder and Mentor
Madhur Modi, IIM Calcutta(PGDBA) teaching Quants & LRDI

Madhur Modi

IIM Calcutta
Content Head and Mentor

Preeti Ghosal

IIM Calcutta
Business and Marketing Head 

Santanu Mazumder

Ex-Pathfinder, RICE
Marketing Manager